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The debut release from a humble CT microlabel; just a little something to keep you warm through the end of winter.


released February 14, 2012



all rights reserved


Seagreen Records Watertown, Connecticut


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Track Name: The Guru - Indian Day
endless folk i used to know
and friends i met in bed
i’m not trying to control
just messing with your head
wait for summer all day,
i’ll search for the sun,
i’ll search everyone,
i’ll search for the one
the indian day
i’m back from the grave
friendless i was for a day
at night i met the moon
walking in a cold desert
i swore i’d get home soon
Track Name: High Pop - I Like the Smell
i like the smell of your hair
Track Name: The Hiya Dunes - Definitely
everybody's got my back
but nobody's on my side
i need a girl like you

to be part of your little life
to smile and hold you, smile and hold you

ain't nobody on my side, but they've all got my back
i need a girl, i need a woman
i need a girl like you

yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
Track Name: Boy Crush - Dreamcatcher
forget about me
i won't forget about my friends

i hit my head
when i woke up everyone was dead

since yesterday
haven't felt the same
Track Name: Madson - Village
I'm a creature swimming too far out to sea.
It's no wonder I wanted to be alone, this season's so heavy on me.

What made me so bitter?
The sky opens up like a hole in my head
and I'm spending all my time asleep.
What made me so bitter?
The ground meets my body, the forest my bed
and I'm spending all my time asleep.

I need to see the stomach of the ocean
before it turns into flames.
It must be the beast in me,
but I'm finding no teeth left to blame.
Don't leave for home so soon,
the water reaches out for the shore.
I need to know my voice reached you
when I can't hear it anymore.

I'm choking on my final resistance,
I cough and I reach for your hand.
I've made a monster out of this growing distance,
I am fighting off all of this land.
Track Name: Major Bummer - Like Life
Track Name: Jake Shaker - Brother
you come and visit me in fits of heavy sleep
like you're some symbol i'm supposed to identify,
some overarching theme.
but i'm not just some book you read.
i'm not instilled with such self identity.
No, i still envy all my friends, they're much better than i could ever hope to be.

but if i can't get over my own insecurities, how can i ever expect to get better?
I retreat back to that summer like a box of photographs under my bed.
I tried to forget but it doesn't work.

At least you're always there to keep me confident
to quiet down the crowds when they get too loud on me

and we meet between our coffee cups, i could just sink into that chair
there's no place i'd rather be but right here
we used to fight about our band and i was bitter when it broke up, but it's all better now.
you're my brother now.
at least to me.

so those days i think i'm drowning, you pull me up onto solid land
the empty streets frame the road and we drive
and you sing so loud, i make believe you're screaming straight at me
saying, "we'll be alright, everything is just fine cause it has to be"